Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who'd Have Thought?

     Emma has been telling her dad that she needs a puppy for quite some time now, and as you may know, Tim's response has consistently been, "You can get a dog when I'm dead."  In fact, in an attempt to declare our new home a pet-free zone we even re-homed our beloved cat, Lucy, before we moved.  Recently I had a discussion with Emma during which I explained to her that daddy and Heavenly Father know what's best for our family, and that a pet dog just isn't for us. I told her that she needed to respect her father and stop bugging him.  And so she did.
   Then a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a misplaced ad on Craigslist.  Imagine my surprise when I saw Baxter's picture and received a prompting.  I called Tim immediately, and told him that I couldn't believe that I was doing this, but that I really felt that we were supposed to have this dog. He was just as shocked as I was, but after seeing his picture he told me to go ahead and call.  As it turns out, Baxter's owner, Casey Evertsen, was a member of the other Branson LDS Ward, and now they were moving to Utah and had to give up their beloved pet.  Tim had met Casey's father this spring and had hoped to get to know him better, but he passed away recently in a tragic helicopter accident. When Tim learned who Baxter's family was, he quickly told me to "go get the dog."
   Emma and I picked him up the next day, and had a nice visit with the Evertsens. We all were very grateful for the prompting that brought our families together. We could not have anticipated the immediate love we felt for Baxter or how he completes our family.


scrapgoddess said...

I love it! What a wonderful story and your new puppy looks so sweet!

Janee said...

What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing! Any fun dog stories yet?????

Cricket said...

Isn't is amazing how the spirit lets us know when we need to do something. How wonderful that you have stayed close enough to feel and understand those promptings. I love that you are teaching Emma to respect her daddy's Priesthood authority and how important it is that she listen to both her daddy and her Heavenly Father....the puppy is pretty cute too.

Glad I found your blog.