Friday, October 31, 2008

Can You Believe It?

This is what we pay for gas here in Marshfield.
Ya' gotta love it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our New Home

Tim took these pics before we closed on our new house. We live on a private gravel road, which is off of a county gravel road. And yes, we have cut the grass since this was taken! The view out of our EIK and from our covered deck is breathtaking. Our property extends back to the tree and shrub line. We have plenty of room for a big garden back there! Actually, these pictures show about half of our property. FYI, the unfinished house next door is also for sale.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What is up with my camera?!#@?

Ok, I have NO clue why my camera is stamping all of my pictures with the wrong date, but it is REALLY bugging me! Hopefully I can remedy the situation without too much effort and frustration.

Our Neighborhood

This past weekend was filled with good, clean fun and fellowship out here in the country! Saturday we attended a huge annual chili supper of about 150 of our closest neighbors at Doug and Celina's "Dry Branch Ranch." This down-to-earth gathering was filled with people of all ages enjoying a beautiful fall evening. There was a 30 foot table of food covered by a long canopy with a string of light bulbs inside, an enormous pot of chili cooking over a wood fire, and a massive bonfire encircled by hay bales to warm us in the brisk night air. Near the end of the evening, most of the guests piled onto four flatbed trailers for a hayride under the stars. It was breathtaking to see the Milky Way in the night sky, and I even saw a rare shooting star! Our caravan ride ended as fireworks welcomed us down the driveway. Sunday afternoon we headed down the road to Barb and Denny Whittaker's place for a more intimate gathering of our immediate neighbors on Fellowship Road. We enjoyed BBQ fare, roasting marshmallows around the campfire, and getting to know our wonderful new friends. We even met Emma's new babysitter, a lovely HS freshman named Jessie, who lives just around the corner from our house. She thought Emma was the cutest thing and volunteered for the job! Emma enjoyed following 9-year old Olivia around, and we all enjoyed buggy rides with Paul and Topsy.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ready, Set, Blog!

Hooray! This blonde has finally figured out how to customize a blog template! So now I am ready to enter the world of blogging as a means to communicate with family and friends and to journal the moments that matter in my life. Welcome and enjoy!