Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!

This was the first year Emma chose her own Halloween costume. Even though she has never watched a Disney princess movie, she knows them all by name...LOL, I guess it's a girl thing!  We had fun at our ward Trunk or Treat activity, and afterwards she enjoyed lots of attention from the Wal-Mart employees when we stopped by on our way home.  Her favorite part of the day was, of course, lots of treats and candy!


claire said...

Very cute, I love the wig! She looks good in red. I think roughly 50% of little girls went as princesses this year, mine included!

Janee said...

Ariel is Elise's favorite princess too! She went as Ariel last year and wanted to go as Jasmine this year, but instead chose to go as a fuzzy pink bunny.